Who is a DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers are multidisciplinary professionals who know how to automate processes and know how developers, QA and managers work. They know how to program, learn complex tools quickly, and don’t get lost in the face of an unfamiliar task. If you are thinking about implementing Devops, you can use the services of modern devops companies in usa. This will help you make the task much easier and get great results in no time.

What does a DevOps engineer do?

When it comes to DevOps it is important not to confuse terms. The fact is that DevOps is not a particular line of work, but a professional philosophy. It is a methodology that helps developers, testers and system administrators to work faster and more efficiently through automation and seamlessness.

Accordingly, a DevOps engineer is a professional who implements this methodology into the work process:

  • In the planning phase, the DevOps engineer helps decide what architecture the application will use, how it will scale, and select an orchestration system.
  • Next, he sets up servers, automated code validation and installation, and environment validation.
  • Then automated testing solves deployment tasks.
  • After release, it’s important to collect feedback from users and implement improvements. DevOps makes sure that users don’t notice these improvements and that the update process is continuous.
  • And at the same time solves dozens of tasks that help set up a system of work for developers, QA, system administrators and managers.

Everything written above happens in near-perfect projects. In the real world, however, you have to start in a project where the planning was skipped, the architecture was wrong, and you think about automation when all the projects are down. And figuring out all these problems, solving them and making everything work is a key skill for a DevOps specialist.

There’s confusion in the staffing market. Sometimes businesses are looking for DevOps engineers to fill the position of systems engineer, build engineer, or something else. Responsibilities also vary depending on the size of the company and the direction – somewhere they are looking for someone for consulting, somewhere they ask for automation, and somewhere they ask for advanced functions of a system administrator who can program. If you really want to launch this direction in your company, you should use the most modern techniques, which will help you get quality results.

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